Say it in Saami (2016-2017) is a web project about the indigenous Saami languages that are spoken in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. At the moment there are 9-10 different Saami languages spoken and all of them are endangered.

The web page features a modern Finnish-Saami-online language phrasebook built with the audience, documentary interviews and articles about the Saami languages. The goal of this project is to revive the endagered languages, raise awarness around the topic and built a website that could be used in schools as part of education.

Me and Niillas Holmberg (a Saami poet and musician) were the projects driving forces. The original idea, web layout and visual outlook, short documentaries, marketing and social media content was by me.

Niillas Holmberg made the translations for the phrasebook, the coding is done by Samuli Kaipiainen & Mikko Leino (Viiksipojat Oy) and the illustrations on the website are by Lille Santanen. The producers from Yle are Hannu Karisto and Laura Vehkaoja.

The project was awarded with a State Award for Public Information in autumn 2017 and the webpage has been used as part of education in Finland.

Visit the Say it in Saami webpage (Finnish).